Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CosPlay Wigs?

While perusing Ebay for future wig purchases, I came across a number of cheap Asian (as in located in China) wigs and was intrigued by the possibilities.  

Cosplay wigs are different from regular ‘ol wigs in that they are modeled after characters (usually anime) and designed to be used as part of a costume.  However, I found many of them to be day-to-day wearable. Now, some of the cosplay wigs are … exotic at best.  If you search for them, you’re likely to see something like this:
Magi Sharrkan Long White

Long Black Cosplay
Dark Red Vocaloid
But others seem quite wearable for day-to-day style.
7" Middle Part

Fashion Black Short

Long Dark Brown and Copper Red

 And if you’re bold enough, some of the colors are pretty cool too.  

New Long Charm Lolita
Smoke Pink

Dark Red Curly Wavy

Here’s the best part.  If you’re familiar with shopping products from China, they are often cheap 
and many with free shipping.  I’m currently doing an experiment to see if someone can actually win 
an auction paying less than $5 for these wigs with free shipping.  Most of them start at pennies, but 
you know how auctions work.  I’m convinced that if my experiment proves favorable, I’m going to 
start purchasing cosplay wigs to add to my collection.    What are your thoughts?

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