Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reviews: Twist and Loc Gel

Hated it! Intrigued by the goopy texture, the clean color and the impressive list of ingredients, I bought the gel for $4. First, tried it on freshly co-washed hair with no other products. It looked good, but as it dried, it became extra crispy. Then, I tried mixing it with other products and it created a terrible terrible mess. It, like the Ampro, beaded up something terrible. I didn't even notice until after I came home from work! It looked like little pieces of cotton and lint all over my head! AHHHHHHH! Final thought: Be wary of mixing products.

Review: Ampro Protein Gel

This product boasts that it "does not flake, [is a] non-greasy formula, gives body and fullness and adds shine and conditioning. Although this product has some cons, I love it! First of all, it's cheap...around $1 wherever you look. It has a light fragrance and terrific hold without leaving your hair crispy crunchy. CONS: 1. It's messy! I don't think it stains, meaning it's easy to clean up. But when it gloops down in raTndom spots (i.e. the sink, your shirt) while applying it, it cleans up pretty well. 2. The product claims to not flake, but I found that when you mix it with other products it beads up. I learned this after spritzing my hair with water one morning after applying the gel the previous night. I guess this can be eliminated by rubbing the gel back into the hair. All in all, great product!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Style Gallery: Finger Coils

 Finger Coils

Finger coils are easy to do and look pretty good with minimal effort.  On freshly washed/conditioned hair, I applied a quarter size amount of leave in conditioner.  Then, I began sectioning my hair into (approx.) 1-inch sections.  Grabbing the hair at the root, I began coiling the section of hair around my index finger along the entire length.  Follow these steps over the entire head, and BAM...finger coils. 

Maintaining was another story.  As the finger coils dried, they became poofy and lost their luster.